A typical contact

This is a typical story of someone who contacts us.

We received an email from a relative of a man in his early 20s who was charged with rape some months ago. The places and events and timings have been changed.

“He was left for months and months before his trial, which began last week.  He attended a party with his girlfriend and four mates.  It was in a strange house so he hid his bag in a bedroom so it wouldn’t be seen.  Later, he went to get it, and found one of his friends there having sex.  There was another girl in the room too.  This girl took my brother and kissed him.  Her friend called to her to give him oral sex, but she said “No, I’ve got a boyfriend”.  That answer seemed a bit odd to him, because she was kissing him!  He left the room when the rest of his friends barged in. His friend stopped having sex and then rejoined them.  They all stayed at the house a few hours more and he had no further contact with the girl.  A few days later, the boy and the girl passed each other whilst she was walking in the local high street, and he was out with the same friends.  No words were said between them.  She then went down to the police alleging that he had harassed her in the street after he had tried to force her into having oral sex at the party the night before.  When asked why she was reporting it late she said because he’d had a go at her in the high street.  All his friends who were there corroborated his version, but he’s now been charged with rape.  He works, is quiet, comes from a very respectable family who are completely ripped to bits by this false allegation. There is NO support for him.  Yet she’s afforded every support.  The law is very unfair and biased in this respect.  We think it’s revenge because her boyfriend may have found her out.  She’s now been posting innuendo about him on social media sites which has caused him great anxiety and distress.  Who’s there to help him? No one.  What can he do?  Nothing.”

This man was put on trial for these lies. He was fortunately found not guilty, but only after a huge amount of pain had been caused to him and his loved ones over the period of more than a year.

For all of these stories, there are probably hundreds out there who don’t manage to find our site but who have been through the same life-changing experiences.  Contact us via enquiries@accused.me.uk. Use our forum at https://www.accused.me.uk/forum.

So why are false allegations made?

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