Man must let police know if he’s going to have sex

It is reported in Today’s Telegraph and Guardian, a man from York, who has not been convicted of anything – must tell the police with 24 hours notice, if he intends to have sex.  Nothing about what was alleged to have happened or the judge’s justifications for the order has been reported.

We could all could conceive of a monster whose behaviour hasn’t yet reached the criminal standard of proof, or perhaps who has slipped through the net in a court case against him.  Few people would question whether prevention is better than cure for men like that.  However, is it not a fundamental condition of justice in the UK that you have to be convicted of a crime before you are punished?  These conditions seem very much like a punishment.

It is also probable that this order could be imposed on him for life.  If we are to maintain a reasonable set of civil liberties in the UK, then why have the facts of the case been kept from public scrutiny?

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