We are seeking a number of Volunteer Support Members to assist us in improving the support that we offer both on the website and in the group.

 Should you have other available free time you would be free to log in and support whenever you choose.
The commitment of two hours per week on a set day is to enable us to advertise hours where someone is available to chat.

The role is not to offer any legal advice although the appropriate guidance to find legal advice can be given.

You would need to have a good knowledge of our website in order to guide people to the questions that they ask. We are finding in the testing phase that most answers are already there on the website.

Being caring and understanding is of course vital. Some people just need a chat and to know they are not alone.

Being quite good at multi-tasking would also be a benefit. In testing we have had the odd occasion where 2 and 3 people have contacted via the live chat feature at the same time.

You would need to be fully on board with and appreciate why we are non-political and non-activist in nature and refrain from engaging in such conversations under your support log ins. We like to be supportive but to ensure people are getting the right information.

In order to carry out this role you would need to be able to sign in using a desktop computer or a laptop (for the website chat facility).

The role would generally involve signing in to the website and being available for the two hours blocks (times to be agreed) in case any web site visitors uses the chat facility. Chatting to and guiding people around the website and where appropriate encouraging them to join out support group. At the same time just generally looking around the posts in the group and making sure everyone is OK. Engaging with and chatting with people where you think they would find a chat useful. Hitting the “report” button on anything that you think should be brought to the moderators attention. Where you are unable to get all the answers for someone then trying to obtain contact details and referring the matter to admin.

If you feel that you can commit to two hours per week then please complete the form. If you have any questions please email them to enquiries@accused.me.uk .

We will be looking at getting back to people in a couple of weeks’ time in order to try and get a picture of the support available for this new facility.