Easy as 1 – 2 -3

Why do people make up false allegations?  Why put an innocent man – and his loved ones – through the trauma caused when the police cause their world to crash around their ears?  What sort of people do this to others, and how can they be so heartless?  It takes a special person to go through with a false allegation.  Here are a few of their reasons.

First, you need a motive.  Been rejected?  Had sex with someone behind your boyfriend’s back and regret it? Someone at work pissed you off?  Annoyed by the attractive man who keeps on passing you by?  Splitting up and don’t want that bastard to get the kids?  Or do you just want £11,000 in ‘compensation’ and don’t care whose life you ruin to get it?  A false allegation of rape could be just the answer to your problems!

Now many of us will have have these problems during our lives.  And if we do, we’ll usually shrug them off.  Move on.  But as we said, it takes a special person to take this to the next level.  Not like you and I in their emotional makeup.  Here’s what these monsters think.

Second, they’ll need a story.  They’ll be looking for revenge, and that is a dish most definitely served cold.  So they’ll find an appropriate evening, and then tell a close friend that they’ve just been raped.  As a good dramatist, they’ll make it look convincing, because they’ll need that same friend to tell the police how upset they were at a later date.  If they’ve planned it well, then they’ll run the story for when they were horsing around with the guy and when people couldn’t tell whether her shrieks from the room were violent or just playful.  Better still, if they can manage to have an injury that they inflicted to themselves just earlier, then they’ve almost got they guy banged up already.  But as someone who likes their dish served cold, they’ll just wait and let those little seeds grow old.

So third, they won’t be rushing down to the police. The last thing they want is any physical evidence against their story.  They’ll make sure that that little ‘injury’ was well witnessed by several people.  If they’ve got balls then they’ll go and find a doctor.  Pop down to A&E and mention in passing that this happened as a result of a rape which they didn’t want reported – just then.  All the ‘alligator’ now needs is your word, and that of a few of their carefully chosen witnesses, who will of course have believed their distress.  Their words against yours.  All of them, against you.  That’s it.  A little time down the police station, and a few tears shed in the witness box.

To the ‘allegator’ of course it doesn’t matter for every lie that wicked people like them tell, people will be less likely to believe the women who really have been raped.  Had their lives ruined.  Or that they’ll have destroyed a man’s life, possibly ending in a life sentence, or with him ending his own life.  Because for a selfish, narcissistic individual, that is really of no consequence.  They will have got their revenge, their alibi for having sex with someone they shouldn’t, the attention they craved.

Furthermore, the ‘allegator’ has next to nothing to worry about in terms of consequences.  Even if they slip up with the story and have to admit it was a lie, the police will never prosecute.  They’ll just walk out of the station with a lifelong guarantee of anonymity.  No harm done.  Free to have another go at framing some other poor bloke next time.  Because with a personality that would allow them to do that to an innocent man, they really don’t care.

If you think this is just cynical then yes, it is.  The situations in our Easy As 1 – 2- 3 guide here are all based on true stories that we have heard in our support group.  These lies are told about many thousands of honest and decent men in the UK each year.  Every day, there are more men falsely accused, and imprisoned by the police who we thought were there to protect us.  The real travesty is that even when that force knows that they have been lied to, they almost never prosecute the False Accuser.

So that’s why there’s accused.me.uk.  Since Jimmy Savile, it feels like open season for the malicious and vengeful to concoct whatever stories they like about what happened with you behind a closed door.  The pendulum has swung too far.

If your lives have been touched by a monster, you have a right to be angry.  Make sure your story is heard. Submit it to us and we will review and publish your story where at all possible.

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