Operating a website that ensures that the people who need us are able to find us is not easy and sadly not free.

If you are a member of our peer to peer support group on Facebook you will see that we are the UKs biggest peer to peer support group for those that are falsely accused. Whilst we may (sadly) have over 3000 members this is not a patch on the numbers that are reading our website and getting the information and resources that they need each and every week. Unfortunately, not all that need support feel able to join the Facebook group.

The website needs to start supporting itself. For the first 9 years everything that was needed to ensure the website stayed open and more importantly reached the people that needed it was funded privately. For the last year we have been in a position to receive donations.

We are now in a position where 25% of the running costs are covered by regular donations. This is fantastic in just 1 year. However for no other reason than longevity of the site it’s now important that we get to 100%.

Below are three options to donate.

The first is to make a monthly donation of an amount that you choose. Again, super quick and super easy to set up.

The second is the quick set up £2 per month appeal. Its super quick and super easy to set up.

The third and final option is to make a one off donation of any amount of your choosing.

The continued amazing work of our website and our support group needs your help. All donations and monthly donations are handled by the leading card merchant “square”. Any donation made will appear on your statements as “”