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American author Alice Sebold has apologised for her part in the wrongful conviction of a man who was cleared last week of raping her in 1981.

Barrister Jailed For False Rape Claims Gets Sentence Reduced

Anisah Ahmed, 33, of Oxford, received life sentence over her false rape claims.A barrister who cried rape in a plot to frame her married lover has had her life sentence for perverting the course of justice overturned on appeal. Barrister jailed for false rape claims against married lover wins appeal against life sentence | Daily Mail…

Costs At Court

Even on legal aid attending your court case can be expensive. With the level of historic allegations attending your trial can often mean travelling miles from home, having to pay for accommodation. Even if the trial is just but a few days this can add up to a few hundred pounds very quickly. If it’s…


At, we believe that men who are subject to rape allegations should remain anonymous unless they’re convicted.  Apart from in one situation.  And that is where the police can persuade a judge that a man might be a serial rapist, and to release his name publicly so that other potential victims might be encouraged to…

False allegations in contested divorce cases are common

Interesting piece of research on the number of lies that find their way into family breakups in the UK here. This post research was first published on in 2017.