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Allegations of rape and sexual assault are almost the only area of English law where a prosecution can take place in the absence of any physical evidence.  The testimony of an accuser may be all that is required to secure conviction.  If you’ve been involved with someone who’s a good actor before the police, then brace yourself.  This situation is responsible for many thousands of false allegations of a sexual nature.

James’ Story

“In the morning was a blameless man, supporting my children, my wife and a mortgage.  By the evening, I was in a police cell, under arrest, facing the possibility of imprisonment and financial ruin.  All of this, because of a lie.  A disgusting lie told by a woman who wanted revenge.  My only crime was to have left her violence and abuse towards me, and this was her final act.  It was only after about a year, and with the help of my new wife, friends and family that I lived to see the police investigation conclude, and be told that there was no case to answer.  I’m still amazed by the ability of a malicious individual to walk into a police station and start making up stories about me with complete anonymity.  Hers was the only crime.”

Since the Jimmy Savile crimes came to public awareness, Police are increasingly alerted to allegations of a sexual nature.  If you have recently been contacted by the police or social services, there are several things you should do now before you speak with them.  If you have already spoken with them, there are things that you need to know that lie ahead of you.  Click here to find our check-list.

If you find yourself on trial for something you absolutely haven’t done, then brace yourself.  Just know that we’ve been there too.

Phil’s Story

“It is not just about how I felt at the time, it is how I still feel. I feel as though I have been assaulted by a monster whilst all the people in that court room sat and watched it all go on before their very eyes in some warped sadistic way. Even though I was found not guilty, I still feel tormented, abused, tarnished, shamed and alienated.  I could have very easily been made an outcast.  You cannot understand how someone feels after this. My family had to live this as well.  It hurts so much to see someone not only do this to me but also to my family and get away with it…”