Prison Solicitors


If your loved one is in custody there are times when specialist prison law solicitos may be needed. Just like the court system the prison system can also be just as complicated to navigate.

Prison solicitors provide services to their clients that makes sure that they receive the care that they need. They are able to handle things such as proceeds of crime, information regarding categorisation, appeal representations, assistance with prison adjudications, prison transfers, loss of property or if facing having extra days added to their sentence.

Towards the end of a sentence prison solicitors will help with things such as parole HDC (home detention curfew) and licence conditions.
Representation at an oral parole hearing by an experienced solicitor is vital and engaging experienced prison solicitors for this can often be instrumental in securing release.

Prison Law is often available to be funded under the legal aid scheme which provides publicly funded assistance where a matter is deemed to have sufficient merits and benefit to the individual, and where they do not have significant private funds of their own. This means that, in almost all cases, the advice and assistance will be free to the client. Just check that the solicitor you are approaching operates the scheme.