Have you been falsely accused of rape, another serious sexual offence or domestic violence?  Have you been ‘framed’ by a malicious lie?  Or has this happened to someone you love or care about? If so, then you are a victim of one of the growing social injustices of our time.

There is a large amount of information in this website and we strongly recommend taking the time to read through all of it. Whilst a little time consuming many of your questions should be answered by the time that you are done.

If you need direct and personal contact now, or, after reading through the site then join our private Facebook Group.  Here, you can meet over 2,000 of us who will understand what you’re going through.  Try our FAQ page to find answers to everything that is spinning around in your head. Try our Legal Help section to locate and understand the legal services that you may help your situation.

Enquiries from journalists or media should be directed to enquiries@accused.me.uk or through our contact page.

accused.me.uk supports anyone who has been deliberately framed, for as long as they maintain their innocence.  This site is not for people who were unclear about sexual consent.  If you have any confusion with regards to understanding consent then this video may help.  After seeing that, if you think you might have had sex with someone without their consent, then please tell the police as soon as your solicitor says you should, and spare your accuser from having to give evidence against you in court.

If you’re absolutely sure you’ve you’ve been framed, then accused.me.uk can help through this difficult part of your life. Especially through our Facebook support group we can be there to answer questions and offer you some support. We know that a life where the innocent party in this allegation is you, and the guilty party is the one who is trying to frame you.

accused.me.uk wants to see changes to UK law that affect people who have been accused of sexual offences. We do not want to see these changes to protect those who have done wrong but to protect people like our community members who have been falsely accused.  We believe that people accused of sexual offences should be afforded lifelong anonymity in the press and social media unless proven guilty – much like complainants about these the offences are granted.  There should be far more prosecutions of false sexual allegations that are deliberately and maliciously made against innocent people each year.  The failure to prosecute these liars not only ruins the lives of innocent people, it undermines the credibility of all of the true allegations of rape.

Please note, that in no part of this site, or in any of our support to you, are we able to offer legal advice.  In the Facebook group general legal answers may be answered by one of our qualified member. However, this can not be case specific. If you need legal answers to your specific situation then please see our Legal Advice section.

Allegations of rape and sexual assault are almost the only area of English law where a prosecution can take place in the absence of any physical evidence.  The testimony of an accuser may be all that is required to secure conviction.  If you’ve been involved with someone who’s a good actor before the police, then brace yourself.  This situation is responsible for many false allegations of a sexual nature.

To help put things in perspective currently about 1 in 100 people who are accused of rape is currently put on trial.  If you’re innocent, your chances of being put on trial are hopefully less likely than this, depending on how devious the person who’s framed you has been.  And of those of us who are put on trial, wrongful convictions are also rare.  So that fact that you’ve been arrested despite being innocent, does not mean it’s the end of the world, although it will probably feel like it.  Unfortunately, this is the process you’re in now, Whilst these statistics low we would non the less strongly advise that you prepare and engage in preparing your defence to the best of your ability. These investigations are often long. We have seen investigations conclude in a range that stretched anywhere from a couple of days all the way up to 3-5 years down the road. Prepare, take advice, get support and try, whilst the investigation is ongoing to get on with your life.

Looking after your mental health

We know, from experience that a false allegation is going to place extreme pressures on you and your loved ones mental health. Please take a moment to review Well-being section about looking after your mental health.

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