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Been accused of such a crime especially falsely and of a sexual nature requires a lot of professional support. If separation from your children becomes an issue not only are you going to need help from criminal solicitors but also from solicitors who specialise in family law. Sadly, there is usually no legal aid available for family solicitors. Ensure you discuss costs with your chosen solicitor.

If you are going to questioned or arrested you need good police station solicitors. They can come from a firm who you will want to represent you. However, you may use the duty solicitor and not wish them to deal with the case any further. Remember all police station interviews entitle you to free police station representation. If you are taking your own solicitor ensure they operate the legal aid scheme.

If you find yourself in a limbo for a long period of time and need to get evidence to the police then solicitors who specialise in pre-charge representation are important. Sadly, there is no legal aid available for pre-charge representation (work conducted between interview and charge). As such ensure that you are clear about any costs you will incur.

Has the decision been made to charge you. Then you need a firm of solicitors who have vast experience in dealing with false accusations and sexual offences. Is it a historic case, then what is your solicitors experience of dealing with such cases. Most people are entitled to free or reduced fee representation on legal aid. When choosing your solicitor ensure they operate the legal aid scheme. All our recommended criminal solicitors are operating legal aid.

Did the worst happen? Were you convicted and sentenced. Sadly, you may need solicitors who specialise in appeals. If you or your loved one is in custody you may need prison solicitors to help with the parole process.

Are you certain there is a witness out there who can help prove your innocence but you can’t find them. In these cases you may need an investigator. Pre charge no investigation work is available on legal aid as such ensure you are certain any benefits that may be made by an investigator will be of benefit. This is usually best achieved if you are engaging in pre-charge services from a solicitor.

Were there messages on your digital device that can help prove your innocence but the messages have been deleted. Then you may need digital forensic help. Again, as with investigators this is not available pre-charge on legal aid. Ensure it will be of benefit to you before paying for such services.

We are working on developing a network of recommended professionals who, in our opinion offer good service in their given fields of work. At the moment this is not complete. Please use this section by clicking on the buttons to help navigate you to our recommended solicitors and professionals. If you find that the section that you need is empty of recommendations then please contact us and we will try to point you in the right direction. We are working as fast as we can to complete this section however we will only include professionals where we are certain they are good for our members and researching this takes a little time.

The service providers advertised may make minimal contributions to in order to assist us in operating this website and any other activities we undertake for the benefit of the group. However, all inclusions in our recommendations are only made as we are certain they operate the best practices for our members.