Our private Facebook user group is one of the most active places where you can link with people from the UK, who have also been framed for something they say never happened.  As of October 2021, we have over 2,300 members who receive our stories, help and advice every day.

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The Defendant – Liam Allan faced serious allegations which were totally fabricated. The police withheld serious evidence that proved his innocence and was only discovered at trial. Since his acquittal Liam along with his co-director Hannah Arkwright have gone on to set you the charity “The Defendant”. Operating a telephone support line 5 evenings a week Liam, Hannah and their fully trained team are there to help you emotionally by telephone.

Falsely Accused – Letters To The Establishment UK – This Facebook group is for those who have been falsely accused of sexual offences and their loved ones. The group is about writing to all establishments including the PM, MP’s, IOPC, the Media etc regarding false accusations and also offers help and support to their members

PAFAA/SOFAP People Against False Allegations of Abuse / Support Organisation for Falsely Accused People.  Run by the knowledgeable campaigner, Helga Speck

SAFARI (Supporting All Falsely Accused with Reference Information) provides information of use to those who are in a position to make changes in the UK’s investigative and judicial systems, those who have been affected by false accusations (like the family & friends of victims) and those who suffer from being pressurised into making false accusations.

Allegations made by people with personality disorders

People who make false allegations of a sexual nature are unusual.  They often have psychiatric problems, such as a Cluster B personality disorder.

Out of the Fog This web site has been set up to support people who have lived with someone with a PD.  There’s a good forum too.

Allegations involving the abuse of children

British False Memory Society  Allegations that often surface years later.  Responsible, well-maintained site.

FACT (UK) Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers

Organisations for fathers and families

FRG Family Rights Group.  Advice to families of children who are involved with social services because of welfare concerns

Parents Against Injustice Support to parents who feel they’ve been wrongly accused of child abuse

PPAPPCIAOD Parents, Professionals and Politicians Protecting Children with Illnesses and/or Disabilities.  Winner of the 2018 “Least catchy title for a support organisation” award.

Mankind UK Domestic Violence support group

Support to people who have been convicted

Although we are not primarily a site for people who feel they have been subject to a miscarriage of justice, there are a few links here to sites that might be able to help you.

Justice Long-lived all-party law refofrm and human rights organisation

INNOCENT Supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison

NFMJCSO National Federation of Miscarriage of Justice Campaign and Support Organisations

MOJUK Miscarriage of Justice UK. Campaigns to free unjustly convicted prisoners

PACSO People Appealing Convictions for Sexual Offences.  Also run by Helga Speck

CCRC Criminal Case Review Commission. Official organisation for clearing up miscarriages of justice in Britain

Errors of Justice Blog UK Blogger with an MSc in Criminology

Falsely Accused of Historical Sexual Assault A new campaigning website from the UK, based around one woman’s experiences of seeing her partner wrongfully convicted in 2015