Accused.me.uk was set up in 2014 by people who had been close to the victim of a malicious allegation of rape in 2012.

With the help of friends, his wife, his family and legal team, he was not charged.  The one thing that was apparent during the whole disgusting process, was that there is almost nowhere for men who find themselves the subject of these allegations, to turn for support.  Unless you’re very rich, your legal advisors will not have time to help you with the emotional side of what you’re going through. By which we mean, the gut-wrenching fear of having your reputation and your sexual life dissected in a public court – when you know you are innocent as charged.  Not to mention the threat of imprisonment for something you absolutely know you never did.

There are a few forums and internet sites that offer support, but almost none in the UK are targeted for men who are victims of false allegations of rape.  Hence accused.me.uk.

The aim is that accused.me.uk should become the main place where people who declare their innocence of these accusations can come for support from others who have been through similar experiences.  It is most definitely not the place for anyone who has the slightest notion that they might be guilty.

We would welcome contact from you about our aims, the direction of the site, the running of the forums, or advertising.