Brian Buckles name was tarnished in 2017 when he was falsely accused, wrongfully convicted and jailed for offences the man would never in a life time consider comitting.

However, after a long fight and with the grit and determination that is required from all falsely accused, their families and their loved ones he has now being found not guilty following a re-trail that was ordered by the Court Of Appeal.

Brians loved ones have being strong and loud in the Falsely Accused community over the last few years and hearing this news is a delight.

As we all know. This is not the end of the journey for the Buckle family simply the start of the next marathon to try and heal the pain, damage and suffering that has being caused by these heinous lies.

I am sure that all members, friends and visitors of will want to wish them well and congratulate them on their grit and determination to put things right.