‘Chronic liar’ charged with perverting the course of justice over false allegations

A serial liar who made false allegations of historical abuse lead to the wrongful imprisonment of a firefighter with an unblemished record of public service has been charged with perverting the course of justice. The Daily Telegraph has reported that Danny Day was due to appear in court by video link over claims that he was raped at a fire station in Dorset in the Seventies when he was 14.

David Bryant had been declared innocent and released from jail in 2016 after his accuser Danny Day was revealed to be a serial liar.

Prosecutors have now disclosed that Danny Day would appear at Brighton magistrates’ court. In a statement, the Crown Prosecution Service said Day had been charged with two counts of ‘doing acts tending and intended to pervert the course of justice’ between June 2013 and January 2015. He received £11,000 from the Government’s Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, but David Bryant is yet to receive any damages.

‘The Government hasn’t given me any money,’ Bryant told the Telegraph. ‘Nothing at all. That’s crazy, isn’t it? I suppose they are waiting to see what happens with the new trial.’ He called the decision to charge Day ‘another step along the way’ in the restoration of his reputation as an innocent man.

Source: The Justice Gap