Tragic Consequences

Leevan Taylor Williams was a hardworking 23yr old Father of one. He was falsely accused of, arrested & interviewed with regards a sexual offence. Leevans family kept him going for a few weeks but the burden was too much for him. He tragically took his own life on 8th November 2022.

Leevan Taylor Williams – Aged just 23.

Since Leevan passed away it has been discovered that he was the 5th VICTIM of the person whom made the false allegation.

It’s Abhorrently disgusting that the person was able to have a 2nd, 3rd & 4th victim. It’s utterly devastating that her 5th victim took his own life.

Concerns have been raised with the Police professional standards & are the family are in contact with the Coroner. It’s just wrong that in 2022 there isn’t a law that protects the real victims. The people who make false allegations are the danger to the public yet the innocent are regarded as guilty; most of the time with a catastrophic effect on their lives.

The petition is in the hope that a new law is introduced. Leevans death won’t be in vain & if we can do anything to help stop any other family enduring this torture then that’s what we’ll do; in his honour.

Make reporting false allegations of sexual offences a specific criminal offence.

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