There are false rumours in the community about me that are not true. Should I report the people making the false rumours?

Putting it simply. No you should not, at least without the advice of a solicitor. The police are duty bound to investigate any report of a sexual offence. If you report people for making false rumours the police will need you to tell them what the rumours are. Once you have told them you have reported yourself for the content of the rumours and they must investigate. Police often view this “self reporting” as a sign of guilt effectively they will claim you were getting your story in first. If there are false rumours circulating about you and you know what it is the rumours are alleging then simply gather and secure any evidence you have that proves your innocence. Screenshot media, write a time line of your involvement with that person. Do not delete any media from your devices as this action when discovered by forensics may be viewed as suspicious. Identify a solicitor (see our Legal Help section) and contact them to advise them what is happening. They will not likely be able to do anything but remember for their name for if you are called in or arrested for questioning. Request this solicitor to the police to be present during questioning.